>> Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Hey all!
I haven't been on here in AWHILE, since I got my job back!  I've got some quick vid clips of a largely ignored device from the pedal effects family.  I have modded a Boss GE7 EQ with a Monte Allums mod kit.  I've found recently that an EQ can shape and change your tone like nothing else.  It can be used anywhere in your signal chain.  I'm using mine right after my guitar, to eliminate unwanted frequencies that "muddy" up my sound, (mainly 200hz).  You can also use these in effects loops, if your amp has one, and as a "clean boost" in front of your amp, to push your overdrive more.

A common problem with the Boss GE7 is noise, and large amounts of it.  It is very noticeable at 3.2k.  Mod kits replace cheaper components with quieter and more "stereo" sounding components.  On the subject of good inexpensive EQ's, you can also test drive the Danelectro "Fish and Chips".  For the money, these are good, quiet EQ's.

I'm really happy with the Monte Allums mod.  The instructions were good, the price was reasonable, and the end results were MAJOR!  Here's a link:        


Check out the before and after clips, and I'll hopefully be on here again soon to talk more about tone!


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